Monday, July 6, 2009

RT journal - Day 4 - Flagstaff + Sedona

Sorry been a while to get bag to blogging about the road trip, it's not so exciting as the days go on and I am forgetting all the little details that made the trip so fun. Okay so we are on day 4.
We got to Flagstaff the night before and went downtown, and it was really quaint and really lit up with great signs for all the restaurants, bars and stores. Of course we were too tired to grab the camera when we left the hotel so no pictures on how great it was! We had dinner at a cute pizza place and out booth was tiny and had carvings all over it from people who had been there before.
The next day we had breakfast at Macy's coffee shop which I recommend everyone to go to then started our drive up a mountain to get to a ski resort, but of course as we are making our climb up the gas light goes on and we go right back down the mountain for gas and then back up the mountain where it was FREEZING, around 30 degrees (we all brought nothing for this weather so we basically just put more clothes on). We took the ski lift to the top which was about 15 degrees colder, it was an amazing view and you could see if you looked really hard, the north rim of the grand canyon. Rekha and John we not happy on the ski lift, they both were scarred! We then went back down to the town and had lunch, Navajo tacos = yummy and walked around, it really reminded me of Ashville, NC. I got an awesome red clutch at a vintage store and a lovely little dress at a store that had lots of lovely little dresses!
Now we head to Walnut canyon, about 30-45 min away and what do you know we get there like 45 min before the park closes and so we rush through the whole thing. The canyon has single-story cliff dwellings built on the canyon wall and you get to the dwellings by hiking the Island Trail, which is a 1-mile round trip along the cliff where you can basically fall down the cliff if you don't watch where you are walking. I got yelled at almost the whole time for tripping and not paying attention, Amrit and Rekha were about to kick my ass. The wind was so strong there that at one point we are lunged to the cliff wall to hang on for fear that the wind would push us over the edge! The dwellings were pretty awesome, you could walk in them and the view to the other side of the canyon was filled with more dwellings. The hike down of course wasn't as bad as the hike up, not to mention the fact that we were hustling so that we'd make it up before the park closed.
We left then for Sedona, the drive was quite boring till you hit the point where the red rocks start to appear and then it just feels like you are on another planet. We checked into the hotel and went ot the downtown for some food, on the way we met with the sunset, it was incredible with all the colors and light disappearing. We didn't do much since most things were closed and we ended up at a diner called "Red Planet", it said welcome earthlings....I don't think I need to say any more.

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