Monday, July 13, 2009

RT journal - Day 5 - Scottsdate + Palm Springs + LA

On our way to Taliesen, Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home....okay my memory is now very foggy of our trip so details are going to far from good!
We got to Taliesen in the morning and took the tour of the house, it is small in scale but massive in terms of the land coverage. I am always amazed to be in a FLW home, such care to be taken to every detail, such passion to create a home that doesn't deny you of nature. We spent far too much time in the gift shop but it was worth it and gotta say this day was our hottest day on the trip and while Amrit chose to stand in the blazing sun and sketch, the 3 of us went to the car to have our lunch. Amrit got a few shades darker in the 20 min he stood there with pen in hand.
Then we were on our way to Palm Springs, just a stopping point to break our 7 hour drive to LA. We drove through the dessert, but it didn't look like the dessert I think we pictured in our heads. We wanted to get this map of mid-century modern homes in PS but we got to the store as it closed and so we just stood outside the door till the 2 people inside took notice of us. 2 awesome guy dudes told us all about not leaving for LA for a good 3 hours so we tried to do the house tour with complete failure cause they were all gated in and couldn't see a darn thing so we gave up on that quick and just went to grab dinner. On our way out of PS, out of no where the car starts being very hard to handle due to the wind outside, I mean it was some crazy pressured wind and then we saw it....a forest of wind turbines. 100's of them, it was incredible! We pulled over and wanted to get out to feel the wind and ah....we did. Sand and rocks slamming into our skin, I think I flashed a few folks when my dress flew was great!
We got into LA late and went to go see the Walt Disney Concert Hall, with great hesitation from everyone, I managed to make them go all over the grounds. It's a maze there, up and down stairs and ramps and you have no idea where it's taking you or if your supposed to be there. I gotta admit it was kinda scary. Went to the Mann theater and unfortunately the Hollywood sign wasn't lit up and that whole area is kinda weird, they don't show on TV the "ugly" part of that area only the glitz. LA is really big and hard to get to places, you gotta drive everywhere and it sucks.....not a fan.

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