Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Volunteer of the Month

I just got this email, it feels good to do something for someone else.
As a side note - I've realized that maybe my path is not one that I should seek out but maybe it is the one I am already on.

Dear Staff, Trustees & Volunteers:

Rupa Singh is “Volunteer of the Month” for May. Rupa is an architect by trade, and has been volunteering in the preschool classrooms at the Friends Family Center since November 2008.

Rupa enjoys spending time with children and assists our teachers with crafts, games and curriculum lessons. Recently, she facilitated a photography project where she took candid shots of all of the children in their classes. She also taught each of the graduating preschoolers how to use a digital camera and allowed them to take the camera home to take their own freestyle photos. The children are very proud of their accomplishment. All of the photos from her project are framed and hung in the hallway leading to the preschool classes for all to enjoy. Take a look when you have time.

Thanks, Rupa!


1004 St. John Street Richmond, VA 23220

804-644-2357 (Phone) 804-644-0509 (Fax)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Okay I had to take the pictures off since they sucked! I took some this weekend that are so much better so I'll put those up when I can get them off my sister's camera!
With the help of Jenny at Fleur Fabrics, made this awesome skirt!
Button holes are super easy to do! the skirt really isn't photogenic....the fabric is shiny!

Give me a camera and I'll show you my world!

Finally finished taking all the pictures for the project with Friends association that I talked earlier about in my blog. It was exhausting going through all 600 some images and picking out around 30 to get printed, then putting them into frames and putting up the exhibit yesterday!
I spent 5 hours putting it up, which was a good experience in hanging photo frames from the ceiling with fishing line while your hands are super sweaty and unable to hold on to the slippery wire.....
I am hoping to do this project every year so the wall will get filled up.
But we might just have to replace what is there every year with new images because they have some kids that come in to the center in the afternoon that are a bit rowdy therefore the images had to be hung up high. Not the best place for viewing but better for safety.

Here are some pictures of getting ready for the exhibit and the final product!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mom day card.

We have a bunch of wedding invitations left over so I'd thought I'd revamp one to be a mother's day card.