Wednesday, June 17, 2009

RT Journal - "the band"

Santa Monica Pier /
Monument Valley

Okay so I was going to start today with writing about Vegas but this was more fun.

Somewhere around the time we were at monument valley, we decided we'd take "band" pictures that would turn into our selection of album covers for our made up band, "The Sa-pa-the's" [this word which has NO meaning is what Amrit (husband) was saying as we traveled to Vegas, he was drunk [that story to come later].

Flagstaff /
Bridge in Santa Monica

Our debut album will be entitled "Grungreg Karma"[this came from a sign posted at a movie shoot that Ashwairya Rai was shooting while we were riding the street car in S.F.,or so the street car driver told us she was there]

Some tracks on the album include [these all came out of incidents in the trip]
1.OTC addiction
2.bugga digga
3.JIN [john, the internet nuvi]
4.lost wadges
5.chicha de mammi
6.penne bingbanger
7.american's next best value inn
8.ophra's vortex
9.the painted whores
10.boochan's good, right?

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