Thursday, June 25, 2009

RT Journal - Day 3 - Antelope Canyon + Monument Valley

We took the Antelope Canyon Tour in the morning, [you can't access the canyons without a tour guide since it is on Navajo land], it was about a 30 min truck ride to the canyons. The reason behind wanting to see this place was because while watching Britney Spear's video for "i am not a girl not yet a woman" in 2001 I fell in love with the back drop and actually searched for this place by looking for the video. It was worth it! There are 2 canyons, upper and lower. We went into the upper since it is more widely visited but definitely want to see the lower one day. Water and wind have worn the sandstone down and sculpted this canyon into a museum for light. It's really hard to take pictures without a tripod but Amrit managed to get a few good ones with his steady hands!
After the canyon we had some indecision about weather to stay in Page cause there was so much more to do there or drive 2.5 hours out to monument valley and stay the course of our itinerary.....we took the drive.
Monument Valley blows your mind! Amrit says it looks like the land where the road runner lives. You can either take a tour guided drive through the 17 miles it or drive your self, we drove ourselves. The valley isn't really a valley it is a wide flat landscape but then it gets interrupted by these formations that are 100's of feet tall, called buttes which came about due to erosion and uplift. This is also on Navajo land so there were some native Americans selling jewelry and crafts as we drove through. We bought a the Navajo wedding vase, ours is white with horse hair in it, you'll have to come over if you want to see it! After our drive we had some massive confusion on what time it was! We had JIN [john, the internet nuvi, another track off the album] figure out what the heck was going here it is - Arizona is in the Mountain Time Zone but doesn't observe Daylight-Saving Time the Navajo Nation observes Daylight-Saving Time but we picked up our car in Las Vegas which is on Pacific Standard Time Zone. Therefore in Las vegas it will be 3pm PST, in Arizona it will be 3pm MST w/out Daylight-Saving, in Navajo Nation MST in Arizona it will be 4pm with Daylight-Saving. All kinds of crazy time situation! After monument valley we drove to Flagstaff to spend the night.

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