Wednesday, June 17, 2009

RT Journal - Day 2 - Hoover Dam + Grand Canyon

When leaving Vegas in morning we stopped at a Whole Foods and tried to get a cooler but ended up with a cool/warm bag which we put ice in and filled with cheese, meat and fruit for lunch..we also got bread and snacks for the drive.
Hoover dam was about 1 hour away and it wasn't the dam that blew us away, it was a bridge they are building to help with traffic in that area. The arch was almost done, the keystone piece was left to put in place so it looked amazing, just hovering over the Colorado river.

The Dam is pretty impressive for the time it was done, we took the power plant tour cause the other tour that actually takes you to better places in the Dam wasn't available for the time we wanted to go. Of course I got all kinds of confused with all the technicalities they were throwing at me and not having a drawing in front of me to assess the situation I irritated John (brother in law) and Amrit till I fully understood.

We then drove 4 hours to get to the Grand Canyon. These 4 hours were boring for a bit, until we decided to play the movie game. To play the game you say an actor and a movie they were in with another actor [Hugh Grant was in Holiday with Cameron Diaz]. The next person has to take the last actor and do the same [Cameron Diaz was in Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise] so on and so on. John basically sucks at this game so he had to be hinted all the time, Amrit on the other hand needed a few rounds to access that part of his brain that stores this information. My sister and I kicked ass. Once Amrit found this part of his brain, he basically wanted to play by himself which we let him do because it was so entertaining.......and if you recall my previous post one of our tracks was penne bingbanger....this came from Amrit not being able to remember Renee Zellweger.
The Canyon was unreal, it is so vast it just seemed endless. We walked around the south rim and got to a point where you could climb down a bit, then John and Amrit climbed down further to a point that wasn't easy to get to due to the fact that you could fall into the canyon, nothing dangerous or anything.... Rekha (sister) is freaking out as they make their way down, I wanted to join them but I was too scarred to die so I just sat at the edge and watched them, Rekha stood further away and watched me. After that craziness we got to a point where we could watch the sunset, unfortunately it was spoiled by the family that was fighting behind us.

We then left for the 2.5 hour ride to Page, it was dark and little did we know that part of the road hugged the south rim and was curvy with no lights. We almost hit a moose. We got to Page really late, had a horrible dinner at Denny's, couldn't find our hotel, didn't know what time it was and had a bit of a water leakage from the cool/warm bag filled with ice. Our hotel..turned out to be a motel, america's best value inn, another track off the was said that I should never book our hotel rooms.

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