Tuesday, April 14, 2009

mom's cookin = Cabbage + Peas

Alright, so today we are just going to make a veggie for lunch since we have so much left over from yesterday so much so that I took some down to our neighbors on the first floor, M+A.
Mom got mad at me yesterday for not taking her to Target to get the swiffer duster refills that she needed for her house...she is so cute, a trip to target in any city makes her happy. She says it's better than just sitting at home, she can see what is on sale and get it if she needs it. I am going to take her today.

Here is the recipe-


1 head of Cabbage
1 = Green Chilli (med size, cut into small pieces - see picture)
2 = Dry Red Chili, broken in half - see picture (the type that is not spicy, just for smell)
**If you have the spicy red chili's then don't use the green chili, just use 2 of the spicy red chili's and break them in half**
(the Indian store was closed yesterday so we had to use the green chili's other wise we'd have used the red ones)
Preference = mustard seeds
Preference = Urad Dhal
Preference = Frozen Peas
A pinch = Asafoetida
Preference = Salt
Preference = Canola oil

1. Cut the Cabbage and wash
2. Wash the frozen peas in hot water and set aside
3. Heat the oil, and add the mustard seeds, urad dhal, asafoetida, green chili and red chili
4. Once you smell the ingredients and the urad dhal is bronze then add the cabbage
5. Mix all together and splash a good amount of water on it (my mom just takes water in her hands and puts it in there - 2 handfuls) then close
6. In 5 minutes, open and mix. Add water again - you need the water for it to cook in the steam once you cover it. Close it.
7. Do this process as needed to cook the cabbage.
8. Once it is half cooked, add the peas.
9. Mix and add salt, leave open to cook otherwise it will get soggy.

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