Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tool Roll

I have the book Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter
and one of the projects in it is a tool roll. My husband's been wanting me to make it for a while now for him so I worked on it this morning. Firstly, the image that is given for this project in the book does NOT = the instructions so I had to do a bit of re-working to make it look like the image! I got all the fabrics from Jenny at Fleur Fabrics, she is awesome. I help her around the store as her assistant and she gives me free sewing lessons! She is probably why I am so into sewing right now. The denim was hard to iron, I had washed it so it would be easier to work with but the wrinkles killed me. It was fun to make, I'll think I'll make one for all my sewing tools!
I also have this book called Bend the rules sewing by Amy Karol and she's got a page that asks "what kind of crafter are you?" I've decided I am the speed demon = opposite of perfectionists. Go with the flow and don't get hung up on mistakes. Has fun looking at the pile of creations they have made.

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