Friday, April 3, 2009

what's up with pint size you say?

I've always wanted a nickname...and to my sadness I never had one that I loved or that stuck beyond the initial phase of having a nickname.
Until one day, one of my good friends husband nicknamed me "spud" due to my love of that great veggie named the potato!
As much as I love that name, it didn't really work as normal nicknames one was calling me that....or if they were it was forced and an after thought. Even when my good friends husband would call me that, it just didn't feel right.

the nickname saga continues....

Then out of now where my husbands friend who is a giant [okay he is just really really tall] emails me regarding some match making I am doing with my free time and guess what he starts the email with? NOT "hey" or "hi" or "dear" or with my actual name but with "pint size"! Which immediately I feel head over heels in love with. Now granted, I've never heard it being said but I am perfectly okay with the written nickname! thanks giant.

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