Friday, April 3, 2009

Sewing Carnations

S+S are getting hitched this weekend and girl S asked me to make some flower garlands for boy S's car for the barat.
So here we go...

Step 1 = buy the carnations
Step 2 = just keep the buds
Step 3 = layout the carnations
Step 4 = stitch together 2' increments
Step 5= tie all 2' increments together


  1. wow Rupa this is really cool! I always wonder how to make this.
    So can you use any type of thread? and how long does it stay fresh?


  2. Jackie,

    I used the thinnest of the quilting thread, since it was thicker than just using sewing thread. I made it 2 days before the wedding and spritzed it with water and stuck it in the fridge. Post wedding I think it can last for a week or so, they dry up quick since there is no source of water.