Sunday, April 12, 2009

Something to rest my head on

One of the classes I've taken with Jenny at Fleur Fabrics is on making pillows. The most challenging part was the zipper. How to pin it to the fabric before stitching it was initially an issue for me on the first pillow, so much so that I had to take it to her and have her show me how to pin it! The first pillow was plain blue organic cotton which is super hard to work with since it's stretchy. I wanted to stich a design of a tree on the front but the fabric was so strechy and kept getting stuck so I just did some simple lines. The second pillow was printed cotton and easier to work with but I had issues stiching the zipper in a straight line so it's all kinds of messy! I think I am happy with having a final product so I don't care much for the messed up details but I know I just need to gain some patience and do it properly!

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