Friday, April 10, 2009

Motivating the youngsters

My husband's cousin's came to stay with us the past 3 days and here is a brief description of each of them-
[1] 18 year old gal, the only way to describe her taste in fashion is a colorful prostitute - though she highly disputes it, understands her place in life and is paving her future on her terms
[2] 17 year old gal, angry at life, hasn't found something she is passionate about due to the anger, is looking for direction and a light at the end of the tunnel
[3]12 year old guy, is really 40 but stuck in a youngster's body, peacekeeper, confident and above all wise beyond his years.
I tired to get each of them to dip their hands in some craft/design/art. Here is what they did.

[1] Stitched her very own tote bag!

[2] Made origami out of netfilx extra flaps. [website on blog list to the right]

[3]Took some photographs around the condo.

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